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Eminem Type Beat ''Feel'' Piano Guitar Rap Instrumental |

May 302018

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Piano Guitar Rap Instrumental ''Feel'' Eminem Type Beat by Shonzy Beatz

Prod.By @ShonzyBeatz

Free for non profit use only

Eminem Type Beat

Eminem Type Instrumental




Eminem Instrumental

Piano Rap Instrumental

Piano Rap Beat

Guitar Rap Beat

Guitar Rap Instrumental

Shonzy Beatz

West Coast G Funk Rap Beat ''I'm Back'' 2018 by Shonzy Beatz

May 232018

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West Coast G Funk Rap Beat ''I'm Back'' 2018 by Shonzy Beatz

Prod.By @ShonzyBeatz

Free for non profit use only

G Funk Rap Beat

G Funk Instrumental

West Coast Rap Beat

West Coast Instrumental

G Funk

West Coast


New Beat

Buying Beats Online: The Beat Lease Explained

Apr 142018

More than any other question I get, the single most common one pertains to buying beats online… particularly leasing beats from a website.

Many consumers are in the dark about what it means to lease beats.

So I’ve decided to write this article to help clear up any confusion about leasing beats, so that you may approach your future purchases with more knowledge.

First off, I just wanted to clear up that a beat “lease” and “non-exclusive rights” are almost always the same thing, unless otherwise defined by the producer.

So without further ado, here are the main characteristics of a beat lease:


When you lease a beat from a producer, you are granted non-exclusive rights to it. Non-exclusive rights grants you “partial” access to use the beat. The producer retains exclusive rights to the beat, and may continue leasing the beat or sell exclusive rights to other artists.

Think of the beat lease as the producer “lending” you the beat temporarily. You may use the beat to create your song, and you have limited rights to it.

If you decide that you would like to own the beat at any point, you can always purchase exclusive rights to it if the producer offers this.

Distribution Limit

When you lease a beat, you also agree to something called a distribution limit.

A distribution limit is simply a cap on the number of copies of the song you can sell.

A very common distribution limit is 2,000 copies. This means that, after leasing a beat, you may record your vocals on it to create your song, and distribute up to 2,000 copies of this song. (At you are given 5,000 distributions under a standard lease.)

A distribution is defined as any physical transfer of the song to another person for profit or non-profit. This includes, but is not limited to:

A CD Sale
An iTunes Sale
Giving Song Away On a Mixtape
Sending Song in an Email

And so on. Any time you physically transfer the audio file of the song to another person, this counts as a distribution.

Streaming plays on YouTube, Reverb Nation, or other similar sites do NOT count as distributions, because the audio file is not physically transferred to someone else.

When you run out of distributions, your lease is over. At that point, you may either lease the beat again, or purchase exclusive rights if the beat is still available.

Length Of Lease Term

Another characteristic of a beat lease is the length of term.

Because leases are non-exclusive, there needs to be some kind of time limit on the term of the lease.

You will most likely find that the most common terms are between 1-2 years.

The term starts the moment that you agree to the terms and pay for the beat, and is good for 1-2 years (or whatever the producer has set) from that day.

Your leasing terms expire either when you have run out of distributions, or run out of time on your lease. Whichever comes first.


Because you have paid the leasing fee, you are able to keep 100% of the profits that you make from your distributions, unless otherwise specified by the producer.

Common Questions and Scenarios

In order to tie up the loose ends and clear things up, I wanted to address some common questions that were not answered in the above sections:

Q. What happens if somebody buys exclusive rights to a beat during my lease?

A. This is a very common concern. At Adamack Beats, if someone were to purchase exclusive rights while you are leasing a beat, you keep your rights to continue distributing your song until either (a) you run out of distributions or (b) your term expires. I cannot speak for other producers here, but I believe this is the most fair way to treat this situation.

Q. Can my song be played on the radio during a lease?

A. Again, I can answer this question only for my terms at The simple answer is yes, you may submit for and receive radio play while on a lease, but the Standard Lease limits the amount of radio play to 10 spins. If your song begins to receive national attention while on a lease, I ask that you please contact me immediately so we can discuss exclusive rights or other options which would be more suitable for such a situation.

Q. If I am on a lease with a beat, can I lease it again to receive more distributable copies?

A. Yes, if you are currently leasing a beat, and would like to add more distributable copies to your total, you can purchase another lease at any time. You may also purchase exclusive rights at any time, and I will deduct the amount you have spent on leasing the beat from the exclusive rights total.
I hope this article has helped to clear up any questions, concerns, or worries you may have had about buying beat leases on the internet.

If you have any other questions, you can contact me any time at

Beats With Hooks or Without ?

Mar 072018


In case you haven't noticed yet, beats with hooks are more and more popular this days !

Why ?

Imagin that you have perfect singer with some urban and catchy chorus on rap beat you purchased online, and all you have to do is to put your dope verse and boom.. you got HIT ! Sound great isn't it ?

That's why i think that artists who record on catchy and memorable beats with hooks have more chances to get noticed and became how i like to call them "artists about to blow"





Beat track-outs also known as stems. Why they are important ?

Mar 032018



Probably if you're rapper / artist who buy instrumental beats online instead of recording on tagged beats (which i don't recommend at all) you heard about Tracked Out WAV files, also known as stems.


In my opinion, you really can’t go without them if you’re looking to record your song(s) professionally.


As example: When you buy beats online , next step is studio where you will record your vocals. Of course you expect high quality professional sound.. but unfortunately final result is far from your expectations !


After you looked at professional audio engineer and told him "I really expected more professional sound".. he answered "I understand, but i didn't have FULL CONTROL over the mix. With 320kbps MP3 file and without tracked out WAV stems i can't make better sound.. Even that MP3 instrumental was mastered, i'm really sorry..


You've got a point.. let's get back to stems :)


Stems are also known as:

  • Trackouts
  • WAV Separation or Track Separation
  • Tracked-Out WAVs or Tracked-Out Files
  • Individual WAVs
  • Separated Tracks or Separated WAVs
  • Separate channels of instrumental

When you buy instrumental beats online , you usually get an option to buy more expensive lease with trackouts. What does track-outs mean and why is that important?


There are so many good reasons why professional audio engineers work with tracked out stems. Whether they are individual stems or group stems. But it all comes down to one thing ..




Track separation gives the full control needed to make your song sound the best that it can.


This is how stems look in DAW



Should I choose tracked-out license when I buy a beat ?

The answer is depending on your needs.

If you are a serious artist who is looking for the absolute control and professional sound of your music, then trackout license is best choice.

However, if you are just releasing a mixtape, or just creating a song for fun and are not too serious, then you can save money and buy regular lease. Its still possible to create a nice sounding song without purchasing license with trackouts.


Jan 112018

Great news guys !

We recently released new feature at our website named INNER CIRCLE

Here's what you'll get if you decide to subscribe and join:

  • Every new beat & hook we post - Free with an instant download in the members area (you will have you own account / admin pannel)
  • Early access - Get all our beats & hooks for FREE a month before the public even has a chance to buy them
  • Sell and profit from the songs - You'll get commercial rights to all these beats
  • Beats with hooks - Just plug in your verses for instant hits
  • Free Mixing and Mastering for your songs
  • Professional Cover Arts for your single, mixtape, album - cover arts are custom, so all you have to do is to send us pictures and main idea and our team will deliver exactly what you need for your project
  • Free Promotion (Basic Promo Package / Gold Promo Package / Platinum Promo Package)
  • Instrumentals - Instrumental versions for every beat included
  • Industry Quality / Radio-Ready beats - All you need to do is add your vocals
  • Never run out of music - Get a fresh supply of beats every week so you can consistently make hits
  • Choose the right plan for you - GoldPlatinum Level gets high quality wavs and professional tracked out leases of all new beats. Basic gets mp3 leases of all the new beats (10 free downloads available each month)
  • Your choice of 3 levels - Choose the subscription plan that fits you best - BASIC / GOLDPLATINUM


If you’re not happy with the Inner Circle in your first 30 days, just ask and I will refund you for the month and you can still keep all the beats and benefits you got for that month. 



  1. Will I be locked into a membership if I sign up ?
    Nope. You can cancel anytime you'd like.
  2. Can I just try it to see if I like it ?
    Absolutely. If you decide The Inner Circle isn't right for you, you can cancel anytime. In fact, we have a 30 day guarantee: you'll love The Inner Circle or we'll give you your money back.
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    This price is determined by which level you sign up with - Basic ($15), Gold ($35) or Platinum ($135). You can see what each level comes with here
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    Click here to see what each level comes with.
  5. I have another question...
    We'll be happy to address it. Please email us at with any questions or concerns.


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